Spring has sprung in Myddfai

The spring has sprung in Myddfai this weekend. The weather this winter has been wetter than even Wales is used to. There has been flooding across large parts of Wales as I write this. We are so grateful that we found Myddfai, and that we are above the flooded valleys here on the hill. Our thoughts this week have been with close neighbours who have been flooded. Finally, today, spring has sprung in Myddfai, and the first signs are most welcome.

spring has sprung in Myddfai

Spring is more visible in the countryside

One of the interesting things about living in a woodland and being surrounded by nature, is how much more you notice the seasonal changes. I know spring has sprung in Myddfai because the signs are all here to see. From the catkins on the hazel trees to the buds on the camellia. From the crocus to the snowdrop, the flowers bring much needed colour to the grey skies of February.

spring has sprung in myddfai

The animals here are also telling us that spring is here. The visitors to our bird table include more finches and sparrows daily, and they are being joined by woodpeckers, nuthatches, coal tits and black birds. John and I vie each year to be the first one to spot the mistle thrushes. And the buzzard who spends much of his time in our woods, has been showing off his flying skills to his new partner; I could sit and watch them soaring all day.

We watch spring climb the hill

Spring climbs the hill here, starting in the town of Llandovery (less than 2 miles down the hill) and we see daffodils in bloom there a good two weeks before they open in Myddfai. Snowdrops are finished in town before the open up here, and our bluebells will be a good ten days later than the woodlands in the valley. I never noticed this when we lived in the concrete jungles of London.

Ready to notice the little things? Come and stay a while and re-connect with nature..

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