Five things to do in The Brecon Beacons in Spring

As I write ,the first signs of spring are appearing here in Carmarthenshire. The snowdrops are out, and even some daffodils. The birds are nesting and enjoying the longer days. Over the winter, many activities get put on hold so now is the perfect time to visit. It also felt like a good time to share some of our favourite things to do in the Brecon Beacons in spring.

Whether you’re a walker or more of a climber; a cyclist or a mountain biker; a lover of the open-road or the off-road – the Brecon Beacons and the surrounding areas offer something for you all. Choosing just five things to recommend was quite a challenge – so don’t be surprised if there is a part two to this blog in the near future!

things to do in the brecon beacons national park, Stay at the charcoal hut.

Five of our favourite activities for spring in The Brecon Beacons:

  1. Photography walks. One of the things guests comment on often, is how many times the views took their breath away. Literally every corner brings a new, outstanding view, into focus. We love the photos they share with us, of the beauty of nature. Bring your camera and walking boots and make it all about finding images that capture spring. The landscape is never more beautiful. This blog has 10 of the best places in the National Park for landscape photography.
  2. Star gazing. Yesterday evening, for the second time this week, John and I watched the stars before bed. We wrapped up warm, and took hot water bottles (well it is February) and large mugs of tea. We’re in a dark sky zone here and as spring brings clearer nights, we get to enjoy watching the stars. Orion was super clear and bright this week. We could see the three stars that make up his ‘belt’ and the bow was so clear. On many spring evenings we’ve seen the Milky Way and shooting stars.
  3. Picnics with a view. Spring means picnics are back on the menu, and if you’re planning a long walk then stopping for a picnic lunch is essential. Enjoying a picnic in the beauty of the National Park is a real spring treat. Take a look at this blog for some of the best picnic spots in the Brecon Beacons.
  4. Forest bathing and nature emmersion. As the saying goes ‘you should spend ten minutes in nature every day. Unless you are busy, in which case make it twenty minutes.’ Time outside, as spring shows signs of new birth, re-birth and new hope, is good for your wellbeing. Mental health benefits from being in nature are constantly being expanded. Spending time in a woodland and getting away from technology is a wonderful way to ‘spring clean’ your system.
  5. Climb Pen y Fan. This is one for the bucket list of many serious walkers and hill climbers. And you’ll find there are several ways to climb, from a gently does it approach, to a more serious experienced climb. A great article on the options is here.

And once you’ve completed the active part your stay, or if you just fancy some down-time –

the record player

five things to do without leaving the grounds here are The Charcoal Hut:

  1. Play board games. We want you to enjoy some off;ine time while you’re here, so there are board games in the hut. Monopoly, Scrabble and Chess and of course Trivial Pursuits plus a pack of cards. We’re adding to the games all the time.
  2. Listen to some old records. And some new ones. We’ve got a growing collection of vinyl to go with the battery powered record player. We grew up in the late 70s and early 80s so there’s quite a collection. Everything from Nina Simone to a Welsh Male Voice Choir – and we’re not stopping adding, We’ve even added favourites for guests to help them celebrate a special anniversay.
  3. Watch the stars from the hot tub. Spring nights mean you can sit outside for longer when you’re star gazing. We’ve given you hot water bottles too, which help. Take a mug of hot chocolate with you and you’re set for a fabulous night. Hop into the hot tub to stargaze and you’ll be making memories.
  4. Have breakfast with the wildlife. The kitchen deck has been designed to allow you be at one with the nature here. Guests tell us they love to watch the birds eating from the teapots we’ve hung in the trees by the deck. We’ve also had reports of squirrels, hedgehogs and even a weasle joining them for breakfast.

Spring here is a time when you notice nature. You notice change and how reassuring it can be. Watching everything come back to life, the cycle continuing, is highly theraputic, It’s a wonderful place to practice meditation and mindfulness.

If you’d like to spend some time here in the spring, you can check available dates here.

Dinah and John

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