About Us

Hi, we are Dinah and John, your hosts. We have lived in Myddfai, Carmarthenshire, since 2014, in our woodland longhouse. We built The Charcoal Hut in 2018 and have loved having guests stay and watching the positive impact it has on them.

We moved to Myddfai in 2014 from West london, leaving behind hectic schedules and overwhelm. We have embraced totally new ways of being, of investing our energy and our love for what we have here. John makes charcoal and biochar in the woods and even runs training on how to make and use this valuable carbon-storing product. Dinah is a coach and speaker and also a celebrant, helping people to renew their vows, and also create life celebrations for loved ones.

We believe that you never ‘own’ land, you are simply the custodians, for future generations. This is key to how we are looking after and nurturing our small woodland and its natural inhabitants. We feel privileged to share it with our guests. As a sign of our commitment, we are planting a tree for every booking we take, adding to the woodland that was cut back here in the past.

What Guests Say

what an experience; a truly remarkable space hosted by likewise remarkable individuals

Hannah Nov 19

I spent a week & it was hands-down the best decision I’ve made this year.

Robyn Nov 19

The Charcoal Hut is tranquility & hospitality at their best.

Gillian Aug 19

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