Charcoal and BioChar

The Kiln at The Charcoal Hut

Premium Welsh barbecue charcoal & biochar

We make barbecue charcoal from hardwood, coppiced in Myddfai in our own woodland and those on our hill. Working with local farmers, we help prevent them from burning tree and bramble waste by converting it into high quality, carbon-locking Biochar and charcoal.

Charcoal from The Charcoal Hut

Charcoal for barbecues

Using locally coppiced hardwoods, John makes premium barbecue charcoal in a traditional round kiln. It lights with a match and burns for hours. Available to buy from local retailers in Llandovery or for larger quantities, collection or delivery can be arranged.

Biochar made at The Charcoal Hut

BioChar for soil improvement

Biochar, small particles of charcoal, make an excellent soil improver and has been used with great results by vegetable growers to increase yields. Ours is made by John, from local hardwood. Delivery or collection can be arranged directly from us.

You can buy 20 litre bags from us with INCLUDING DELIVERY via My Hermes, for £45. The Biochar will be in brown paper sacks and come with our ideas & advice on how to use it. Payment is via PayPal

charcoal for products from The Charcoal Hut

Charcoal for products

John can prepare fine grade charcoal for people wishing to add it to their products; from face scrubs to water filters, we can arrange the filter size you wish and even create charcoal from specific wood for your requirements.

We love this charcoal – possibly the best we‘ve ever used. Our campers at the site rave about it and keep asking for an extra bag to take home with them at the end of their stay.

April 2019 – Campsite in Brecon Beacons

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