Spring has sprung in Myddfai

The spring has sprung in Myddfai this weekend. The weather this winter has been wetter than even Wales is used to. There has been flooding across large parts of Wales as I write this. We are so grateful that we found Myddfai, and that we are above the flooded valleys here on the hill. OurContinue reading “Spring has sprung in Myddfai”

More trees please!

Trees. The lungs of our planet. They are remarkable. Did you know that their roots form a network that connects trees together, allowing them to divide their water between them, giving more to those in need. They will even ‘move over’ to give saplings a chance to see the sunlight. When an old tree knowsContinue reading “More trees please!”

Five things to do on a long-weekend stay around Myddfai

We know many of our guests come to stay at The charcoal Hut to relax and unwind, to reconnect with nature and get some time together without constant demands on their attention. They love time in the hut playing board games, painting and enjoying the views. They also tell us that they’re keen to explore,Continue reading “Five things to do on a long-weekend stay around Myddfai”

Myddfai Legends

We had never heard of Myddfai before we found our home here in 2014. It is a tiny village (current population around 400), surrounded by views that still take our breath away at every turn, just above the town of Llandovery in Carmarthenshire. Myddfai is on the western edge of the Brecon Beacons and isContinue reading “Myddfai Legends”